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Tree Surgeons Wimbledon provides a full range of tree surgery services in Wimbledon, SW19 and all surrounding areas in South West London.

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Tree Pruning in Wimbledon

A tree usually requires pruning when it is growing too far out of its boundaries or blocking sunlight to other trees and plants or in the garden in general. It can also be required on trees with heavy limbs or branches, as they can get damaged in stormy weather or from their own weight.

How we prune trees

All trees are assessed individually by one of our tree surgeons in order to correctly asses the type of pruning required. Size, age, condition, shape and species are all factors considered before commencing any pruning works.

We use the ABC cut method as it prevents tearing, which in turn reduces the chances of diseases and infection. We avoid flush cuts and always cut back to the branch collar. Following the guidelines in the British Standards (BS3998), our tree surgeons will leave you with perfectly shaped trees that are balanced, healthy and safe.

Where there is risk of damage to property or the public, large limbs and branches will be safely lowered to the ground with the assistance of ropes or slings. If there are any dead or damaged branches, they will be taken back to the branch collar.

Tree Pruning Services in Wimbledon

Our company provides all types of pruning services in SW19 and South West London. Whether you need your trees crown cleaned (deadwooded), thinned out for less wind break, or heavy limbs removed, our teams can do it all.

Here at Tree Surgeons Wimbledon, we like to educate our clients by giving them reliable information of the services they may require, which helps them to know what they require and to avoid cowboy tree surgeons. See the list below for more detailed information:

Tree Crown Reduction and Shaping:

Crown reductions are made to reduce the overall size of the crown while maintaining an even shape. It is used alongside another method called “drop-crotching”, to reduce the weight of heavy limbs and branches. This can be useful in situations where trees are impeding on buildings, utility or power lines.

Tree Crown Thinning:

Thinning can be required to reduce the density of branches within the trees crown. However, it does not alter the tree shape or size unlike “crown reducing”. We normally use this method to reduce weight in the crown, especially if a structural weakness is spotted. It also helps to reduce wind resistance and allows more light to penetrate the tree.

Tree Crown Cleaning:

Crown cleaning is the removal of deadwood and branches in poor condition, or to remove epicormic shoots. With this service we can also remove unwanted objects such as wire, or climbing plants like ivy.

Tree Crown lifting:

The whole crown is raised by cutting off lower branches, which changes the structure. It can be used in situations where light is being blocked to other trees or shrubs underneath, or just to allow more light into the garden in general.

Tree Pollarding:

Pollarding is a pruning method where the upper branches are removed. This helps to promote new growth in younger trees, along with thicker branches and dense foliage. Regrowth can be re-pollarded to the pollard head. It can also be used on hardwood trees that are situated in the wrong habitation such as poplar, oak and willow that are to lose to roads or power lines.

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