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Thinking about hiring a Tree Surgeon in Merton? GraftinGardeners are fully insured and qualified arborists with many years of experience working in the arboricultural industry. We have tree surgeons in SM4, tree surgeons in SW19, tree surgeons in SW20, London, and surrounding areas. Our company provides a full range of tree surgery service and are well known for delivering high standards of work. Contact us today for a free home consolation with one of our tree specialists.

Tree Surgery Services and Quotes in Merton

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Our Tree Services Include:

Tree Surgery in Merton

Our work fleet

We are friendly, polite and above all, professional! We have three teams of expert tree surgeons operating in Merton and surrounding areas. Whether you need a tree felled, pruned or a stump removed, we can help! If you require tree surgery in SM4, tree surgery in SW19, tree surgery in SW20, give us a call today to have a tree specialist to visit your premises and supply you with a free on-site quotation.

Tree Felling in Merton

How we dismantle trees

Got an unwanted tree in your garden? If you need a damaged, dead or diseased tree removed from your property or garden, we can help! We can fell and remove any trees, regardless of shape, size, condition or location. Sectional or straight felling achieves this (where space allows). We are fully licensed and insured to carry out tree removal operations and always fell tree in a safe and thorough manner while working to UK safety standards.

Tree Pruning in Merton

Correct methods of pruning

You should avoid DIY tree pruning at all costs as it can cause health issues. Incorrect pruning can leave a tree open to infection or worse, lead to dieback and other serious problems. It is always advised to consult a professional tree surgeon first before you prune any branches or limbs as there are many factors to consider and they should never be overlooked. It is standard procedure to follow the guidelines in the (BS3998), to maintain a steady and healthy condition. We can trim, cut and shape any trees and guarantee perfect results, every time.

Our Pruning Services Include:

  • Crown Reduction - Crown reduction is usually measured by a percentage of the crown eg 30%
  • Crown Thinning - Thinning is the removal of epicormic growth and crossing branches within the crown
  • Crown Lifting - Crown lifting is done to raise the crown of a tree, often to achieve head clearance
  • Pollarding - Pollarding is carried out on selective trees that will tolerate it, to reduce size
  • Branch Removal - Branch removal is often carried out when an offending branch encroaches on buildings
  • Limb Removal - Limb removal is often carried out when an offending branch encroaches on buildings

Tree Stump Removal in Merton

Grinding a stump

Are you in need of a stump grinding service? Our tree surgeons use the most powerful equipment to remove stumps efficiently. We will send a team to carry out the stump removal operation, leaving you with a flat, clean and level surface. Call us now for your free quotation.

Emergency Tree Work in Merton

We deal with all tree emergencies

Tree failure frequently occurs in severe weather and storms, affecting lots of weak or damaged trees, causing them to topple over and cause harm its surroundings. We are highly experienced at dealing with tree emergencies and know what it takes to get things moving quickly again, without further disruption. If you have a fallen tree on your property, we can help. Give us a call and we can send a team out immediately to remove it and clear any mess. Our emergency tree service is open to clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Tree Planting in Merton

We can plant your trees

Do you or your neighbor need help to plant a new tree in the garden? Were you thinking about relocating an existing tree? Whatever option you need, our company can assist you. We have planted hundreds of trees for customers in London and take great care when planting each and every tree. Our arborists can guide you with the sourcing of excellent specimens, give you a tip for best planting locations and advice on aftercare.

Hedge Trimming in Merton

Get your hedges done by an expert

Need your messy shrubberies cleaned up? Take the stress out of your day by letting one of our professional hedge trimmers do the handwork. We can craft and shape just about any shrub, all the way to large conifers and always achieve a clean cut. Let us trim your hedgerows and we guarantee to leave you feeling happy. Call us today for a free quote.

Ivy Removal in Merton

We can trim and train ivy

Ivy and climbers can cause damage to structural elements of your property if you do not maintain them properly. If you do not have the time to support ivy, it is probably best to get it removed before you land yourself with a big repair bill. Our arborists will eliminate ivy from the roots, to ensure it does not grow back. We do not just remove ivy; we can cut, trim and shape it to your instructions or requirements. If you need someone to maintain your ivy, then I suggest you inquire about our vine and climber maintenance service.

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The team did an excellent job removing an old apple tree from my garden, they arrived on time and cleared all the mess up after. I didn't get a scratch on my walls or paint work, just perfect.

Margaret Taylor, Wimbledon, 2014

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